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jenna gagnier

Sewing Club Starter Kit

Sewing Club Starter Kit

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The kit pictured is a featured sampling of a part of the full package that comes with this listing. The products shown total over $200 alone. The materials displayed here are 3 one yard cuts of quilting cotton, 2 two yard cuts of cotton fabrics, 7 cotton fat quarters, 2 nine by twelve sheets of wool felt, a package of extra wide double fold bias tape, 2 cotton embroidery floss skeins and 1 metallic as well, and assorted ribbons and lace. All of these have been purchased secondhand or vintage!

The remaining supplies include a pair of new fabric scissors, a box of sewing pins, a tape measure, and a seam ripper. Additionally, in your kit there will be a “decomposition” notebook, various writing and fabric marking utensils, a pair of paper scissors, kraft paper for making patterns, various types of sewing needles, thread, and more. This kit entitles you to access and usage of other tools, like an ironing board and iron, a range of bias tape makers, rotary cutters, self healing mats and more.  

To get the most of out this kit and your future sewing experiences, it is best if you have a personal and portable sewing machine. My recommendation is to purchase your own high quality machine at a reasonable price at Sew Green of Rochester! If you’re having trouble choosing one, email me at and we can chat! Any other questions, please feel free to reach out!!

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