apple orchard with olivia & jaime

I've had the idea of doing a photoshoot in an apple orchard with a special dress for a while now. floated magazine approached me about an article in their most recent issue, I was interviewed about the things I've tried to build my brand around, sustainability, impact, etc. I was told that the magazine was also interested in having photos alongside the article. I was a bit nervous when I heard that I was expected to model, for a lot of reasons. but when it was shared with me who the photographer would be I almost immediately felt better. I first saw olivia edvalson's work on instagram this past summer and fell in love with her style. 

I mentioned my excitement at work one day and it turns out my co-worker, jaime, had been talking with olivia about a collaboration between the two of them. I had shared my apple orchard dream with her recently and, of course, the ever-wonderful jaime passed my idea onto olivia and this photoshoot was born!

the morning of the shoot was quite rainy but by the end of my day with olivia and jaime the sun and blue skies had come out over the apple trees. the whole day was such a magical experience, even in a giant tulle dress on a ladder in the mud in the pouring rain. we drove around to a couple different orchards and it was so much fun. the photos turned out beautifully and I cannot wait for you to see them in floated magazine!! I just pre-ordered two copies by DMing the floated instagram account! I hope you can get your hands on a copy too!

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