measurement guide

for most pieces I'll only need 3 measurement from you! (tips on how to measure below)
  1. your widest bust measurement
  2. your smallest waist measurement
  3. your widest hip measurement
the best way to measure yourself is with a soft tape measurer. if you don't have one handy, another option is to use a piece of string for reference, then you'll hold your measured string up to a tape measurer or ruler or yardstick to determine the length of your string once flattened. while wearing minimal clothing, wrap your measurement device around your bust, waist, then hips, and record each number. AND REMEMBER:
  • your commercial pant or jean size is not necessarily your true waist measurement!
  • your bra band size is not your bust measurement, measure at the fullest point of the chest!
  • relax and take a deep breath while measuring, these pieces are meant to be comfortable!