Business Practices

Jenna Gagnier has been a sustainable and ethical business from the very start. We are committed to remaining that way, at the absolute minimum. Though, as many other companies once known as sustainable are realizing, that alone will no longer suffice. Some are transitioning to regenerative practices. Regenerative practices in fashion go beyond traditional sustainability efforts. While sustainability focuses on minimizing harm to the environment and society, regenerative practices aim to restore and replenish resources, leaving them better off than before. Truly one of the best options for a business which needs to produce new materials, they work closely with farmers and textile-makers to form new cycles. They foster relationships and ecosystems that, together, will work to regenerate rather than simply sustain. Here, the only “new” that we produce is created out of the “old”. By repurposing existing materials, we reduce the demand for new resources and minimize waste. This not only helps to conserve natural resources but also preserves the unique stories and history behind each piece of fabric. There are SO many textiles in the world which were once forgotten, but that have been rescued for reuse by businesses like Sew Green @ Rochester and Craft Bits & Pieces. Places that supply beautiful, unique, high-quality materials to the community at very affordable prices. This connects and draws creatives closer to each other, strengthening the bonds that bind the groups, and creating new opportunities for everyone. Additionally, as a part of our commitment to regenerative practices, we also encourage our customers to engage in more responsible consumption. We believe in buying fewer, higher quality items that will last for years to come. By investing in timeless pieces, we reduce the need for the drone of constant production and consumption, ultimately reducing the environmental impact. By making the conscious decision to shop with us, you are supporting a brand that is dedicated to the best practices in fashion. Together, we can create an even more sustainable, ethical, regenerative, and creative fashion industry that benefits both the earth and all of its people.