can I purchase a gift card to the site?

yes! gift cards are available for as low as $10. They are in the custom collection, which you can reach by going to the primary menu and selecting "shop", then click on the the "custom" collection. gift cards are a great way to support the shop in these uncertain times and are greatly appreciated. denominations include $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. 

what comes with my order?

when you receive your order expect it in a large, plain kraft mailer. inside the mailer you'll find a muslin drawstring bag with a 'JG' charm attached. in the bag will be your purchase as well as a smaller cotton drawstring bag with 'JENNA GAGNIER' stamped on it. within that bag you'll find your packing slip and a business card. I do not currently use hang tags, poly bags, tissue paper, or bubble mailers in order to reduce the amount of waste as a result of each outgoing order.


if I live around rochester, NY can I schedule a local pickup rather than pay for shipping?

for the next few months local pickups will not be available.


do you have a studio that I can visit?

no, at the moment I am working out of a spare room the size of a large closet in my house in rochester. I may begin taking visitors in a few months if they want to see and feel fabrics or be fitted for a custom piece.


can I receive a fabric sample for review prior to purchasing a custom piece?

yes! at this time I can ship as many fabric samples as you would like for four dollars. if you're looking to purchase a custom piece, shoot me an email and we'll chat about the sort of item that you're looking for and based on the general shape of the piece as well as fit I will work out the yardage needed to create that particular article of clothing. because I work from vintage and secondhand fabrics I have limited lengths of each fabric in my stock, this means not every fabric that I have on hand will work for every project. however I can totally check what's in at my favorite fabric spots and find a color and material that you'll love.


can I receive a fabric sample for a ready-made piece?

in most cases, with a ready-to-ship article, I'll have some left over fabric scraps on hand so that you can check out the color and feel of the material that I used. I can ship it to you for four dollars.


what kind of fabric do you use?

I try to use fabric made from a variety of natural fibers, particularly cotton and flax. because I buy my fabric secondhand I do not have the exact content ratios of each fabric that I use available for reference. because purchasing vintage thread is such a gamble I do typically use a poly-cotton blend thread on the majority my pieces.