no. 1 > can you make me something custom?


no. 2 > how do I know what size will fit me?

  • please refer to my sizing chart to determine your JG size!


no. 3 > how do I know what my measurements are?


no. 4 > where do you source your materials?

  • SEW GREEN @ ROCHESTER on east main and canal in rochester, NY


no. 5 > why do you only use vintage and secondhand materials?

  • I COULD GO OFF FOR HOURS ON THIS SUBJECT AND I HAVE DONE IT BEFORE, here. basically there is SO MUCH pre-existing material in this world (even just in the rochester area!) that I could fashion clothing and accessories out of, so much that I really never need to buy new fabrics, regardless of however eco-friendly or ethical or sustainable or consciously-produced etc. they are... more info on my thoughts about companies who follow these practices on another page. but buying secondhand, in particular buying secondhand locally is something I am quite committed to. since I started my brand in 2019, my community has only become increasingly important to me. there are so many reasons for me to source my materials the way that I do, but the one closest to my heart is Georgia Carney! she is the director over at my second home; sew green, in rochester, NY! she is so kind, knowledgable, and generous!! I would not be where I am today without sew green but especially not without Georgia.