Brand Values

Responsible Production - How can I make sure nothing goes to waste?

By using materials which are vintage and secondhand, I have already cut out a huge part of the waste that would exist if I used new fabrics, particularly irresponsibly-produced ones. My main source for fabric is Sew Green Rochester, the tag on each fabric denotes that they have all been "rescued for reuse". I love this phrasing. It reminds me that all of the materials I have used may have been discarded, were they not rescued by wonderful organizations like Sew Green Rochester. A large focus of my sustainability efforts have a lot to do with my choice in materials. But they don't stop there! I want to do more. So, behind the scenes, when I initially draw out my designs onto paper for patterns, I spend a lot of time with my pencil and my measuring tools. I do my absolute best to create my original patterns so that even the small off-cuts are able to be used. Not every pattern is perfect, some designs necessitate more off-cuts and more large off-cuts. I try to find creative ways to utilize these pieces. My headscarves are a great way to use up yardarge, I also save smaller scraps for making pockets, and even smaller remnants I save for quilting. 

Reciprocal Relationships - How can I give back to those who've helped me?

One way that I give back to the people who've helped me most is by frequenting their businesses, I like to give back by volunteering my time when applicable too. I also spread my appreciation for them by word of mouth, telling my friends and peers in my community is a simple and genuine way for me to show my gratefulness. 

Community - How can I help others around me?

I love to help others in my community, I have volunteered at Sew Green's Fashion Camp and will do so again in the future. It is so rewarding as well, assisting a young person by teaching them to press seams or showing them how to correctly modify their commercial patterns so they feel just right. I am also very open about where I source my materials so that people can take full advantage of places like Sew Green in Rochester and Craft Bits and Pieces in Fairport, NY.