custom orders are now open

I have been reading so many important words on instagram lately. from business owners and personal accounts alike. I do not feel qualified to make any statements, nor do I feel that I am obligated or expected to. I am lost for words for the most part. I can say that I am scared. I feel scattered. I have been wanting more time to sew, but I'm not sure that I wanted it quite like this. I am trying to stay productive, but I'm having trouble focusing on ruffles at the moment. 

To keep myself inspired and involved I have decided to open up custom piece orders for a test period. I have been working on some pieces for specific individuals lately and it's been a lot of fun. I have limited fabric choices as my favorite fabric shop has closed indefinitely. But I would love to work with new people to create new and unlimited designs! 

If you are interested in a custom piece, send me an email at or a direct message to @jenna.gagnier on instagram. remind me, and you'll save 20% on any custom piece while I'm practicing "social distancing".

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