new designs plus some dreams

new designs plus some dreams

I am so excited to be working on designing pieces for some really cool people! right now I'm working on a piece for a magazine photoshoot for a local musician, 80s inspired lingerie, a simple corset, a men's jacket, and a bridal top, such a great variety! I am thrilled!! I'm taking a bit of time off from my day job to focus on designing and as much as I absolutely love working in the catherine rising studio, having extended time to design and sew again feels amazing. I'm so grateful for all of the support that I have in my life that allows me to delegate more time to my little business. 

I am also ramping up to a new collection. I had big, big plans for this next line, but I've decided to tone it down a bit, this time, so that I have more time for custom pieces, something that I really love. I am also very proud that I have been contacted by a number of local (and non-local!) photographers who are interested in working with me. at this point all I need is more hands so I can sketch and sew all of these upcoming pieces!!

follow me on instagram @jenna.gagnier and check out these others who I am preparing to work with in the near future!!

  • @elizabethtighe
  • @boyjrofficial
  • @lildrusko
  • @ryanmyarmel
  • @rachel__garcia

and, just for fun, some people I'd love to work with someday/work with again:

  • @alanis
  • @taaagan /
  • @tessguinery
  • @sarabethcurtis / @magick.botanic
  • @geraci_pics
  • @sissi_pohle
  • @mikaeladavis
  • @meghanmarin
  • @drew.kemp
  • @rachellizphotography
  • @shea_styled
  • @jonimitchellontherun
  • @oliviarosephoto
  • @sheba__z
  • @jabbo_photo_
  • @quesorito
  • @inconsistentsea
  • @gentlewomanoftheroad
  • @juliamerrel
  • @silkyjuicy
  • @sablecraft
  • @madeleinemcqn
  • @sarahshabacon / @bohemegoods
  • @alyssainthecity
  • @maria_bernad
  • @staceykassandra
  • @vacillavi
  • @mollygoddard (big dreams!)
  • A N D   L O T S   M O R E
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