information on face mask orders

information on face mask orders

after doing some research I've found that many smaller scale mask sellers online are stating that orders will ship within a week or two of when they have been placed. I remain committed to shipping each and every order as soon as possible, but for my own sanity (and for all of those choosing to order in the future), I have decided to put in place a 14-day processing time in which masks orders will be received, materials will be washed, ironed, cut, sewn, etc., and orders will be packaged and shipped. this may be an unpopular choice, and I understand if more of you feel the need to cancel your orders, but this is the most sustainable way for me to distribute as many masks as possible, while helping the most people, and retaining what balance I have right now. 

those are the facts, here are a few feelings... I am still so overwhelmed, it's why I'm changing my current policy. everything that I've been experiencing is not unique. so many of us are living in sweatpants and t-shirts right now. so many of us are depending on our medications more than ever. and I'm sure I'm not the only one drinking as much caffeine as possible to get an ounce of work done.

so, yes, I'm changing my policy because I am still stressed. but I'm also changing it because I want to help! I've received so many messages from people who express just how much they appreciate their masks and it makes me feel like crying just as much as the influx of orders I'm receiving. though, it's a definitely a different kind of crying. and each time I cry for someone I've helped, it gets a little easier to take on another order for six or seven masks. 

I'm changing my policy because of everyone who has been supportive of me during this time. I want to help more people! I've heard from moms and hospital workers and hairdressers, and I want to hear from all of you!! I wish to brighten each of your days with a pretty little mask, even if it's just for a second. this is what's keeping me so motivated to get up every day and sew sew sew.

I'm not usually an incredibly happy happy kind of person. I find myself optimistic, in a very reserved way however. this experience, at least for now, is helping me just as much as my over-the-phone therapy sessions (which, can I say, are so much harder than person to person visits?!). sure, I've been breaking down a little often, but it's so much easier to get back up. so if all you take away from this is that I'm grateful to you, as an individual and you as a whole group, that's completely fine with me. keep up the good work everybody!! 


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