the most cozy JG release is here

the most cozy JG release is here

2020 brought us a lot of things. mostly not very cool things, but you know that. I tried to bring something into 2020 that maybe doesn't completely suck, to be frank.

for about as long as I've been the same size as my fully-grown mother, (pretty much since late middle school) I've been taking some of her old clothing. it's even more fun than thrifting! it all fits perfectly, and it's free! my top favorite finds from toni gagnier's closet are all sweatshirts or sweaters honestly. two of which are these super cozy fleece mock neck tops. I set out to re-create these pieces so other people who don't have access to my mom's clothing can enjoy them.

I started with a combination of an old vintage sewing pattern and some really cheap fleece that I ashamedly purchased from  - j o a n n     f a b r i c s -   on   - b l a c k     f r i d a y -  ...... I AM SORRY! I tweaked that pattern and went to craft bits and pieces and did some etsy and ebay shopping to find what is probably close to a literal (ok maybe not literal) ton of fleece. but seriously, my whole living room is full of fleece most days now. 

I shared this project early on with a handful of people who, first of all, inspire me, and secondly, strike me as people who might really appreciate coziness! I have traded most of them for the prototypes of my sweaters and now I am beginning to sell finalized pieces!! I hope you can find one that you'll love for the cold months ahead, as well as for years to come. I'll be attempting to add a few more sweatshirts to my site each week until it warms up too much. keep checking the unisex section of the site, as these fun and comfy tops are meant for anyone and everyone!!

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