the omni collection is on the way

after participating in fashion week of rochester in NY, and debuting my new collection in october, it is now november and we are beginning to shoot the pieces from the show. the collection is set to be released sometime in december, but we'll be shooting a few weekends in a row to get all of the appropriate photos taken. it's so exciting! I've worked with an amazing team twice now for both an outdoor and a studio shoot. my photographer for this project is the magically talented Haolan Zhou, she is being assisted by the very helpful and knowledgable Izzi Hart. Our stunning models for this line are Reece Colette, Evan Ciurca, and Anna Leung. Florals are designed and crafted by Madeline Hubert of Stick & Poke Floral. this is really an amazing group and I am so grateful for everyone! I also would like to thank Toni Gagnier and William Smillie for assisting me with transportation, heavy-lifting, steaming, ironing, and even some light styling!

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