with springtime comes inspiration

with springtime comes inspiration

as the weather gets warmer and grass grows and flowers begin to bloom, inspiration springs anew! dreams of picnics in fields by hillsides, dancing in circles with your favorite vaccinated friends, and donning beautiful dresses for days on end in the glow of the early summer sun. 

I am putting out this sneaky call to anyone who will be in NY and fully vaccinated before mid-May. I WANT YOU to spend a day with me and some other cool folks in countryside of NY wearing awesome dresses and eating good snacks and dancing freely under a blue sky. 

send me an email at hello@jennagagnier.com if you're interested! I will be reaching out to a few people who inquired about the strega shoot in October, but I am looking to have a solid group for this shoot. don't hesitate to contact me with questions! I would love to share all of the details and ideas and plans and inspiration!

I'm beginning the designing process now and I will need sizing details and measurements to make your custom dress for this shoot, so reach out soon!  


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